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1380 North Louisiana Street Kennewick, WA 99336

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RogerEbert Headlines
This was the last movie review Roger Ebert filed. by Roger Ebert Released less than two years after his "The Tree of Life," an epic that began with the dinosaurs and peered into an uncertain future, Terrence Malick's "To the Wonder" is a film that contains only a handful of important characters and a few crucial moments in their lives. Although it uses dialogue, it's dreamy and half-heard, and essentially this could be a silent film — silent, except for its mostly melancholy music.RogerEbert Headlines
by Richard Roeper We begin the movie by following a tattoo-spangled man as he makes his way through a carnival crowd, arriving in a tent containing a few hundred cheering fans and a globe-shaped metal cage. This audacious, extended tracking shot will be familiar to fans of Martin Scorsese (and before that, Orson Welles), and it immediately tells us we are about to experience of film of considerable ambition. You don't even try to make a play like that unless you have confidence in your creative arsenal.RogerEbert Headlines
by Richard Roeper For some 30 years now, small clusters of movie teenagers have made the journey to various cabins in various woods. The return ratio for such trips is one surviving, bloodied, traumatized, hospitalized teenager for every 10 dead friends left behind. And the ratio of entertaining, original movies about attractive young people and the hideous monsters that stalk them is about the same. For every clever remake or freshly twisted spin, there are innumerable gore fests with nothing original to say.RogerEbert Headlines
by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky "Trance", Danny Boyle's new thriller, is slick, silly, and frequently very entertaining. Its vibe is twisty and pulpy. Its style is candy-colored visual escapism — every shot hyped up for maximum pop. Viewers who get hung up on story logic — or prefer movies that feature at least one sympathetic character — will spend much of "Trance"'s 101 minutes gritting their teeth.RogerEbert Headlines
"Upstream Color" (NR, 96 minutes). 'Upstream Color," Shane Carruth's follow-up to "Primer," is every bit as good as its predecessor. The protagonists, a young couple played by Carruth and Amy Seimetz, are connected by a singular, mysterious experience. The experience in question, a strange form of hypnosis caused by body-snatching maggots, leaves them alienated from everyone around them. Being consistently thrown off-balance by a narrative that doesn't even ultimately reveal what happens during its many elisions can be frustrating. But the best thing about 'Upstream Color' is seeing that Carruth is still capable of being intelligently suggestive without being obtuse or frustratingly vague." Three and a half starsRogerEbert Headlines
by Jim Emerson What is "Room 237" really about? On the surface, Rodney Ascher's documentary exhibits the theories a few obsessive fans have put forward to reveal what they think Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" is really about. According to them, Kubrick stashed "hidden meanings" in the vacancies, hallways, ballrooms, bathrooms, walk-in storage areas and hedge-mazes of the Overlook Hotel in his 1980 horror film.RogerEbert Headlines
by Nell Minow Back in 1993, what was astonishing in "Jurassic Park" were the special effects that seemed to bring dinosaurs back to life. Two decades later, rediscovering Steven Spielberg's mastery of cinematic storytelling is the best reason to go see it again.RogerEbert Headlines
by Simon Abrams "Simon Killer," a maddeningly short-sighted character study about a disturbed young American in Paris, is consistently unsettling, but not always for the right reasons. Writer-director Antonio Campos ("Afterschool") takes great pains to establish his antihero protagonist, Simon (Brady Corbet), as a voyeur with a very limited field of vision. The film's rocky first half hour establishes Simon as a socially awkward, self-involved character with a myopic worldview.RogerEbert Headlines
by Richard Roeper Seeing as how "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" is a live-action cartoon, I wish we could have seen thought balloons above the heads of Channing Tatum, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Bruce Willis, among others, as they filmed this ridiculous and overblown debacle.RogerEbert Headlines
"The Host" (PG-13). Based on a new novel by Stephane Meyer, author of the Twilight saga, about a time in the not-distant future when human minds have been colonized by an alien race called "souls." Stephane Meyer stars as a human whose original mind has somehow survived and co-occupies the space with a soul mind; their converesations can be intriguing ("No Melanie! Wrong! No! He's from another planet!"). With William Hurt, Diane Kruehe, Grancis Fisher and okeem Wodbnine. Two and a half starsRogerEbert Headlines
"Tyler Perry's Temptation" (PG-13. 111 minutes). Tyler Perry's drama of a young woman tempted to stray from her safe marriage by a rich and handsome stranger is actually funnier than most straightforward comedies. One star.RogerEbert Headlines
by Simon Abrams American filmmaker Derek Cianfrance takes on too much at all at once in "The Place Beyond the Pines," an over-stuffed, hyper-pulpy, and mostly trite trifurcated drama about family, crime, and moral ambiguity. Cianfrance's film, his follow-up to the similarly lop-sided, but otherwise superior "Blue Valentine," follows four men: a daredevil motorcyclist who becomes a bank robber, a mealy-mouthed smalltown cop who's not the hero his peers think he is, and their respective sons.RogerEbert Headlines
"Starbuck" (Rated R, 108 minutes). Starbuck is one of those high-concept yet formulaic, sitcom-like comedies that gets by on charm and speed. It is manipulative and ingratiating but totally worth your time if you manage to pass one crucial test: Does French-Canadian actor Patrick Huard's smile make you happy? For me, it does. Mash up Francois Truffaut, Daniel Auteuil and Judd Nelson, and you get Huard's homely/handsome/comical face. It's those kind Truffaut eyes, radiating warmth and passionate concern, that sell this movie's humanist spirit, despite its lack of bite or great surprises. Two and a half starsRogerEbert Headlines
by Nell Minow What if the Supremes had been born Down Under? A very conventional story of a '60s Australian girl group gains extra power from its context and setting in this fact-based story set to the beat of Motown soul.RogerEbert Headlines
"From Up on Poppy Hill" (PG, 91 minutes). This was a day I didn't see coming. The new film from Japan's Studio Ghibli is a disappointment. Gore Miyazaki's first collaboration with his father centers on two likable and perfectly straightforward college students, who so nothing very extraordinary and are in a romance that remains platonic. The story involves a campaign to rescue the Latin Quarter, center of student amitosis and bohemian life, from razing to make room for the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Some romantic suspense, a few ploy twists, mostly weak tea. Two and a half stars.RogerEbert Headlines
by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky "Wrong" is a surreal shaggy dog story about a loser who wakes up one morning to find that his beloved pooch has disappeared. Composed of skit-like scenes and populated by gimmicky characters, the movie is flimsy, glib, and occasionally pretty funny.RogerEbert Headlines
by Richard Roeper Just about everyone in "Gimme the Loot" seems to be yelling, even when they're just talking. Maybe that's because you have to raise your voice to make it heard above the constant din of life in New York City. If you don't speak up and make your mark, you'll be swallowed up and lost in the vast massive noise of it all.RogerEbert Headlines
"The Iran Job" (Unrated, 91 minutes). An Iranian basketball team with designs on the playoffs hires African-American basketball player Kevin Sheppard to play for them. "The Iran Job" covers this territory, complete with real life game situations that mirror the best sports movie clichés, but it also takes more interest in viewing Iran through the eyes of two Iranian women Sheppard befriends. There is much to be found in both halves of this documentary, but I found myself on the fence when trying to reconcile them. I was pumped up for one, introspective for the other. Couple that with some sloppy work by the filmmakers, and I have to come down on the not recommended side of the fence. -- OH Two and a half stars.RogerEbert Headlines
by Richard Roeper Has Tiny Fey ever played a character we weren't rooting for? In smart features such as “Mean Girls,” “Baby Mama” and “Date Night,” on the just-completed NBC series “30 Rock,” on “Saturday Night Live” and in her book “Bossypants” or even co-hosting the Golden Globes, Fey's either likable or lovable. We're on her side, through all her pratfalls and fashion faux pas and quick, self-deprecating quips.RogerEbert Headlines
by Nell Minow At least in some respects all children are Neanderthals. It is the grand challenge of parenthood to civilize these sometimes savage little creatures by teaching them language, manners and safety. Some of the most difficult choices parents must make come when we try to encourage children to be strong, brave, independent and adventuresome when it comes to accomplishing goals in school, sports and chores while protecting them from mistakes that could be hurtful or even devastating.RogerEbert Headlines
by Roger Ebert Phil Spector remains an enigma after his 2009 conviction for the death of actress Lana Clarkson six years earlier. He's in prison today. Clarkson, dead of a gunshot wound, was found in his mansion. Was it suicide, an accident or murder?RogerEbert Headlines
by Richard Roeper A candy-colored fever dream is the most unforgettable movie of the year so far. Yes, I'm talking about "Spring Breakers," that movie where those former Disney stars spend every waking moment on the verge of bursting out of their bikinis and short-shorts as they gyrate their way through a week of drinking, snorting, sniffing, tonguing, robbing, laughing and sometimes crying in St. Petersburg, trying to create the all-time memorable experience before they have to return to their drab lives in Kentucky.RogerEbert Headlines
by Bill Zwecker It's almost a given that the White House is the most secure place in the nation — possibly in the world. So when a North Korean terrorist plot can be executed with frightening precision — circumventing the seemingly impenetrable defenses surrounding the U.S. president and everyone around him — it boggles the mind.RogerEbert Headlines
"Ginger and Rosa" (P-13, 89 minutes). Ginger (Elle Fanning) and Rosa (Alice Englert) grow up in a London of brown weary shortages of food, living space and cheer. Who could have guessed Swinging London and the Beatles were on the way? Ginger becomes completely swept up in the Ban the Bomb movement's marches and in her youthful fatalism that becomes convinced the earth is on the brink of nuclear annihilation. With Alessandro Nivola as Ginger's dad, Hendricks as her mom, Annette Bening as a leftist friend, and Timothy Spall and Oliver Platt as a friendly avuncular couple. Written and directed by Sally Potter ("Yes," "Tango Lesson"). Three starsRogerEbert Headlines
"The Angel's Share" (Unrated, 101 minutes) "The Angel's Share" finds director Ken Loach doing as he's done for 45 years, filming mercurial human beings like a wildlife cinematographer, tracking their spontaneous behavior from afar, through an extreme telephoto lens mounted on a loose tripod head. He didn't invent the technique. It goes at least as far back as Akira Kurosawa's rain storm battle in Seven Samurai. And Loach doesn't even claim credit for originating the British flavor of that style: He says one of his earliest cinematographers, fellow improvisatory genius Chris Menges, copped it from the Czech cameraman Miroslav Ondricek ("If ..."). Yet there is no mistaking when Loach employs it, no matter the decade, the setting, the actors or who's manning the camera. -- SB Three and a half starsRogerEbert Headlines
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Tri-City Herald: Business
Sun, Mar 1 10:37 PM
On Friday, it will be a full 100 years since Kennewick voters approved creating a five-square-mile port district that included all of Kennewick and a mile in each direction. Tri-City Herald: Business
Mon, Mar 2 01:12 PM
Costco says it struck a deal for Citi to be the exclusive issuer of its co-branded credit cards, with Visa replacing American Express as the card network. Tri-City Herald: Business
Mon, Mar 2 06:17 AM
Shares of Lumber Liquidators are sliding in Monday premarket trading following a report on "60 Minutes" that the company's laminate flooring made in China may not meet California's health and safety standards. Tri-City Herald: Business
Sun, Mar 1 06:52 PM
Samsung, locked in a tight race with Apple to be the world's biggest smartphone maker, has unveiled an important new phone that ditches its signature plastic design for more stylish metal and glass. Tri-City Herald: Business
Sun, Mar 1 07:27 AM
Small SUVs for families and powerful sports cars for the rich are the big things at this year's Geneva International Motor Show. Environmentally correct electrics and hybrids, not so much — thanks to cheaper gas and limits on battery life. Tri-City Herald: Business
NYT > Business Day
Wed, Mar 4 01:28 PM
Michael Shoretz of Enlightened ice cream bars, which had sales of more than $4 million last year.  NYT > Business Day
Wed, Mar 4 01:05 PM
Wall Street is on edge as it awaits the release of the results of the Federal Reserve’s tests, starting on Thursday.

NYT > Business Day
Wed, Mar 4 12:36 PM
Jamie Dimon, left, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, and Lloyd Blankfein, chief of Goldman Sachs.NYT > Business Day
Wed, Mar 4 12:31 PM
Nirav Tolia, Nextdoor’s chief, in the Lorelei area of Menlo Park, Calif., the start-up’s first test community.NYT > Business Day
Wed, Mar 4 12:24 PM
Wall Street resistance thwarted one attempt by the Obama administration to impose fiduciary responsibility on I.R.A. advisers.NYT > Business Day
Wed, Mar 4 12:20 PM
Apple and Google said they were releasing patches to fix the problem, which results in part from 1990s American technology export restrictions.
NYT > Business Day
Wed, Mar 4 12:02 PM
Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon. The Obama administration and Republican negotiators say they have bent over backward to win his support on trade legislation.NYT > Business Day
Wed, Mar 4 11:17 AM
In the early months of that year, the Federal Reserve pressed ahead with the bold measures it had initiated in 2008 to arrest the financial crisis. By summer it had largely succeeded, and economists would later determine that the economy stopped shrinking.

NYT > Business Day
Wed, Mar 4 11:14 AM
The FiftyThree Pencil Gold stylus.NYT > Business Day
Wed, Mar 4 10:32 AM
Customer visits to McDonald's restaurants in the United States have declined two years in a row.NYT > Business Day
Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 09:38 AM

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock ExchangeU.S. stocks were lower on Wednesday, with indexes on track for a second straight day of declines after a recent rally, with healthcare stocks the only bright spot after a U.S. Supreme Court hearing. The S&P 500 healthcare index rose 0.31 percent as investors bet that the Supreme Court may lean toward the Obama administration's view on the Affordable Care Act after it heard a second major challenge to the law. "I think that hearing assuaged fears - at least for now - that we were headed for overturning of Obamacare," said Quincy Krosby, market strategist at Prudential Financial in Newark, New Jersey.     The sector's top gainers were HCA Holdings , Tenet Healthcare and Universal Health Services .

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 07:06 AM

A waiter serves dessert to a table of men listening to Chinese millionaire Chen Guangbiao during a lunch he sponsored for hundreds of needy New Yorkers at Loeb Boathouse in New York's Central ParkThe Institute for Supply Management on Wednesday said its services index was 56.9 in February, up slightly from 56.7 in January. Analysts were looking for a reading of 56.5, according to a Reuters poll.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 09:02 AM

People wait in line to enter the Nassau County Mega Job Fair at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New YorkU.S. private employers added fewer jobs than expected last month, with the gains declining as well from January's revised level as growth slowed in some sectors, a payrolls processor report showed on Wednesday. The ADP National Employment Report, jointly developed with Moody's Analytics, showed a gain of 212,000 private-sector jobs. Economists surveyed by Reuters had forecast the ADP to show a gain of 220,000 jobs. For instance, service-providing employment rose by 181,000 jobs in February, compared with growth of 206,000 in the sector in January.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 09:00 AM

Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Evans speaks during the Sasin Bangkok ForumThe Federal Reserve should wait until next year before raising interest rates or risk undermining the very recovery it has helped engineer, a top U.S. central banker said on Wednesday. "Given uncomfortably low inflation and an uncertain global environment, there are few benefits and significant risks to increasing interest rates prematurely," Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Evans told the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Rotary Club. Evans, a voting member this year on the Fed's policy-setting panel, stands nearly alone at the central bank with that view.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 10:28 AM

Sun rises to the east of the U.S. Federal Reserve building in WashingtonWASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Federal Reserve struggled with the message being sent by its role in bank bailouts and worried about the impact of a bond-buying program aimed at easing the 2007-2009 financial crisis, according to transcripts released by the U.S. central bank on Wednesday. The transcripts from Fed meetings in 2009 reveal intense discussions on how to prop up the U.S. banking system and nurse an economy reeling from the biggest financial shocks since the Great Depression. They also indicate that central bank officials anticipated a faster economic recovery and were laying out plans on how to exit the Fed's stimulus program long before they were ready to make the transition. In a prescient view of future policy, then-San Francisco Fed President Janet Yellen expressed concern about proposing an exit plan too soon.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 09:14 AM

German Chancellor Merkel speaks at a joint news conference with European Commission President Juncker at the EC headquarters in BrusselsBARCELONA/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Germany and the European Commission slapped down talk of a third financial rescue for Greece as premature, after Spain once again suggested on Wednesday that a new aid package for Athens was almost inevitable. Athens, which says it does not need a new aid program, averted a new crisis on Wednesday by successfully raising over 1 billion euros in short-term debt as planned but its long-term funding outlook appears increasingly uncertain. The country has secured a four-month extension to its bailout program until the end of June but remains shut out of debt markets and its new leftwing government has angered euro zone partners with its sharp anti-bailout rhetoric. For the second time this week, Spanish Economy Minister Luis de Guindos said Athens was unlikely to be able to return to capital markets by June, and that a package of between 30 and 50 billion euros ($33-56 billion) would be needed.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 04:04 AM

Homes are seen for sale in the southwest area of PortlandNEW YORK (Reuters) - Applications for U.S. home mortgages edged up last week as interest rates dipped, an industry group said on Wednesday.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 06:00 AM

A Target logo is seen during the going-out-of-business sale at Target Canada in TorontoThe cost-cutting forms a key plank of a revival plan outlined by Chief Executive Officer Brian Cornell, who has sought to narrow the retailer's focus to a handful of product lines where Target believes it has an edge on quality and price while also investing to catch up with rivals online. Cornell said Target's management needs streamlining and he wants to change the corporate culture from one focused on process to one that meets the demand of customers. Target said it was revamping its merchandise, in part to attract both millenials and Hispanics, seen as important to driving future sales growth. "We know that to compete today speed and simplicity are critically important," Cornell told a meeting of analysts in New York.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 09:32 AM

An oil well is seen near DenverBy Barani Krishnan NEW YORK (Reuters) - Oil prices fell on Wednesday after U.S. crude stock builds were more than twice levels forecast, although prices held off recent lows after Saudi Arabia's oil minister said he expected prices to recover soon from the selloff of recent months. U.S. crude stocks jumped by 10.3 million barrels last week, the government said, versus a Reuters poll calling for a build of just 4 million barrels.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 12:51 AM

File photo of delegates looking at drill bits during the PDAC trade show in TorontoBy Susan Taylor and Euan Rocha TORONTO (Reuters) - When the world's miners head for Toronto each year to attend their industry's annual conference, they arrive with certain expectations. “We’re seeing far less prime rib, far more chips, far more salsa," said Benjamin Cox, chief executive of explorer Aston Bay Holdings Ltd.. "I’m really depressed that I have to drink bourbon versus single malt scotch, it just doesn’t do it for me.” Striking a more serious note, Cox also summed up the overall mood of the miners: "Everyone is panicked in the industry.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 10:45 AM

Waze now alerts you to nearby child abductions

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 10:43 AM

What you won't see in the next Moto X: Fingerprint sensorMotorola President Rick Osterloh also doesn't like e-ink for the Moto 360 smartwatch.>

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 10:30 AM

Photorealism on a large scale with Unreal Engine 4's new assets

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 10:30 AM
Last year, Epic Games Chief Technology Officer Kim Libreri and Unreal Engine 4 General Manager Ray Davis visited some friends at Lord of the Rings effects studio Weta Digital in Wellington, New Zealand. ...Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 10:26 AM

​Sigfox finds partners for its contrarian network techMessages just 12 bytes long seem absurdly short for networking. But they're the foundation for this French company's growing network business.>

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 10:18 AM

Add a #whatcoloristhisdress case to your iPhone's wardrobeWell, we knew something like this had to happen. You can now preorder #thedress cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and you get one of each color scheme.>

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 10:16 AM

Uber's Japan car service hits roadblock as city cracks downCity officials in Fukuoka are debating with Uber over whether the service is a car-sharing operation or a research project.>

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 10:02 AM
There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for paying off student loans so experts recommend tips for what to consider as you develop a plan.Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Wed, Mar 4 10:01 AM

​HP beefs up Helion cloud with Eucalyptus for AWS and new OpenStack versionsHP's first release of the open-source Eucalyptus cloud manager appears as part of its Helion enterprise cloud product line, together with OpenStack updates.

Business News Headlines - Yahoo! News
Virus/Security News
Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Mon, Aug 25 06:36 AM
Cybercriminals are using a new information-stealing malware program to target companies from the automobile industry in Europe, security researchers warned.Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Mon, Aug 25 03:27 AM
A growing tendency by business units and workgroups to sign up for cloud services without asking their IT organization creates serious risks for enterprises.Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Fri, Aug 22 02:48 PM
More than 1,000 major enterprise networks and small and medium businesses in the U.S. have been compromised by a recently discovered malware package called "Backoff" and are probably unaware of it, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said in a cybersecurity alert on Friday.Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Fri, Aug 22 04:22 AM
A week after Microsoft pulled a Patch Tuesday update that crippled some Windows 7 PCs, the company has yet to provide a working fix for either the original flaw or the resulting problem.Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Wed, Aug 20 05:52 PM
Credit and debit card information belonging to customers who did business at 51 UPS Store Inc. locations in 24 U.S. states this year may have been compromised.Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Wed, Aug 20 02:22 AM
A type of malware called Reveton, which falsely warns users they've broken the law and demands payment of a fine, has been upgraded with powerful password stealing functions, according to Avast.Computerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
View more Malware and Vulnerabilities news and analysis from Computerworld.comComputerworld Malware and Vulnerabilities News
Internet/Technology News
InternetNews Realtime News for IT Managers
First rapid release cycle open source browser from Mozilla offers improved privacy and performance.InternetNews Realtime News for IT Managers
Are all of the browsers in your business up-to-date?InternetNews Realtime News for IT Managers
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    Tri-City Herald: Local News
    Tue, Mar 3 05:04 PM
    A new Tri-City mental health jail diversion program provides another option for law enforcement officers in dealing with low-level, non-violent offenders showing signs of mental illness. Tri-City Herald: Local News
    Wed, Mar 4 06:41 AM
    A school-based clinic at Pasco’s Ellen Ochoa Middle School aimed at increasing health care for students and their families plans a grand opening March 4. A second clinic could open by March 5 near Kennewick’s Amistad Elementary School. Tri-City Herald: Local News
    Tue, Mar 3 09:03 PM
    The Tuesday vote will allow the sale of the bonds needed to build the fire station at Kellogg Street and 10th Avenue to be close as soon as May. Tri-City Herald: Local News
    Tue, Mar 3 07:06 PM
    The KID Board of Directors unanimously approved selling the building and a downtown parking lot to Meier Architecture and Engineering of Kennewick for $915,000 last month. Tri-City Herald: Local News
    Wed, Mar 4 06:44 AM
    The Richland City Council threw its support behind a state transportation package that would include $38 million for a bridge to the growing Queensgate Drive area. Tri-City Herald: Local News
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    Yahoo News - Top Stories
    Wed, Mar 4 01:50 PM

    US stocks fall for a second day after a run that saw new Dow and S&P records and a 15-year high for the NasdaqNew York (AFP) - US stocks fell for a second day Wednesday after a run that saw new Dow and S&P records and a 15-year high for the Nasdaq.

    Yahoo News - Top Stories
    Wed, Mar 4 01:43 PM

    FILE - In this Oct. 18, 2011, file photo, then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton checks her Blackberry from a desk inside a C-17 military plane upon her departure from Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea, bound for Tripoli, Libya. Clinton used a personal email account during her time as secretary of state, rather than a government-issued email address, potentially hampering efforts to archive official government documents required by law. Clinton's office said nothing was illegal or improper about her use of the non-government account and that she believed her business emails to State Department and other .gov accounts would be archived in accordance with government rules. (AP Photo/Kevin Lamarque, Pool, File)WASHINGTON (AP) — A congressional committee investigating the terror attacks on a U.S. mission in Libya was expected as early as Wednesday to subpoena the emails of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who used a private account exclusively for official business when she was secretary of state — and used a computer email server now traced back to her family's New York home.

    Yahoo News - Top Stories
    Wed, Mar 4 01:37 PM

    Former Democratic congressman Joe Sestak, accompanied by his daughter Alex and wife Susan, speaks during a news conference in front of Independence Hall Wednesday, March 4, 2015, in Philadelphia. Sestak is planning to walk across the state to kick off his campaign to capture the U.S. Senate seat occupied by Republican Pat Toomey. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Former Pennsylvania congressman Joe Sestak began a 422-mile walk across the state Wednesday to kick off his campaign to capture the U.S. Senate seat occupied by Republican Pat Toomey.

    Yahoo News - Top Stories
    Wed, Mar 4 01:37 PM

    Foods that might have added sugar or another sweetener like high-fructose corn syrup as an ingredient are pictured Wednesday, March 4, 2015, in New York. New guidelines published by the World Health Organization on Wednesday say the world is eating too much sugar and people should slash their sugar intake to just 5 to 10 percent of their overall calories. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)NEW YORK (AP) — Health officials say people should eat less sugar. But that's easier said than done.

    Yahoo News - Top Stories
    Wed, Mar 4 01:36 PM

    FILE - In this June 6, 2013 file photo, a sign stands outside the National Security Agency (NSA) campus in Fort Meade, Md. There was a break in the case of a man who fired shots on several occupied vehicles and the headquarters of the NSA when he returned to the scene of the first shooting, police said Wednesday. The 35-year-old Prince George's County man was arrested Tuesday night near Arundel Mills mall, where shots were fired Feb. 24. A man driving away from a gas station near the mall was injured by glass shot out from his car, police said. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)MILLERSVILLE, Md. (AP) — A man accused of firing at five public places in Maryland, including a building at the National Security Agency, chose his targets at random, police said Wednesday.

    Yahoo News - Top Stories
    Wed, Mar 4 01:35 PM

    Secretary of State John Kerry gestures during a news conference after he delivered remarks to the United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday, March 2, 2015, in Geneva. Kerry discussed ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran, and tensions with Russia over Ukraine. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)MONTREUX, Switzerland (AP) — U.S. officials sought Wednesday to tamp down expectations of a substantial preliminary nuclear deal with Iran by the March deadline while working to move past the political dust kicked up by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's criticism of an emerging agreement's contours.

    Yahoo News - Top Stories
    Wed, Mar 4 01:33 PM

    Ben Cooper, chairman of Equality Alabama pauses after speaking to the media about the decision to halt same sex marriages, Wednesday, March 4, 2015, in Birmingham, Ala. "It's important to understand that this is not nearly the end of this," said Cooper. Cooper called the decision an "absolute insult" to gay couples in Alabama. "Not to mention a complete waste of taxpayers' money," he said. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Alabama's stand against same-sex marriage regained ground Wednesday after the state's highest court ruled that its ban remains legal, despite federal court pressure to begin issuing licenses to gays and lesbians. But advocates said they're not giving up either — and that the justices in Montgomery will find themselves on history's losing side.

    Yahoo News - Top Stories
    Wed, Mar 4 01:31 PM

    Homeowner Steve Showalter, of Benscreek, Pa., in Somerset County, uses an ice pick to clear ice jams along his driveway as the Benscreek River flows over it, Wednesday, March 4, 2015. (AP Photo/The Tribune-Democrat, Todd Berkey) MANDATORY CREDITPHILADELPHIA (AP) — A storm stretching from northern Texas to southern New England is set to bring what could be winter's last significant snowfall for the East Coast.

    Yahoo News - Top Stories
    Wed, Mar 4 01:30 PM

    Trader Thomas Kay works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday, March 4, 2015. U.S. stocks are opening lower, putting the market on track for a second day of losses. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks sank Wednesday, pulling indexes further below record highs hit earlier in the week. The drop was modest but broad: nine of the 10 sectors in the Standard & Poor's 500 index lost ground.

    Yahoo News - Top Stories
    Wed, Mar 4 01:29 PM

    An order of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets is displayed for a photo in Olmsted Falls, Ohio Wednesday, March 4, 2015. McDonald's says it plans to start using chicken raised without antibiotics important to human medicine and milk from cows that are not treated with the artificial growth hormone rbST.. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)NEW YORK (AP) — McDonald's says it plans to require chicken suppliers to stop using antibiotics important to human medicine within two years.

    Yahoo News - Top Stories
    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Wed, Mar 4 12:41 PM

    PGA: The Honda Classic-Second Round(Reuters) - A rare missed cut for Rory McIlroy at last week's Honda Classic was the result of a rusty game and windy conditions, said the world number one, who was in an upbeat mood for this week's WGC-Cadillac Championship in Miami. In three starts this year, McIlroy has also recorded a win at the European Tour's Dubai Desert Classic and a runner-up spot at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship and will be the top drawcard at the season's opening major, the Masters next month. "After coming off a three-week break, you never quite know how your game's going to be," the Northern Irishman told reporters at Trump National Doral on Wednesday about his missed cut at the Honda, his first since the Irish Open last June.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Wed, Mar 4 12:33 PM

    Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland plays a shot during the final round of the 2015 Omega Dubai Desert Classic on February 1, 2015 in Dubai, United Arab EmiratesWorld number one Rory McIlroy, looking to bounce back after missing the cut at last week's US PGA event, is more confident entering this week's World Golf Championships event at Doral. The 25-year-old from Northern Ireland has regained confidence after practice rounds ahead of the WGC Cadillac Championship and a victory in Seminole Golf Club's Pro-Member outing Monday where he fired a 63 on his own ball.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Wed, Mar 4 12:20 PM

    Ray Allen takes a shot for the Miami Heat during a game on June 12, 2014 in Miami, FloridaRay Allen, who helped the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat win NBA titles, will not reunite with LeBron James in Cleveland, saying Wednesday he will sit out the current season. The 39-year-old guard, one of the NBA's all-time top shooters and the league's career 3-pointers leader, had hinted that he might sign as a free agent with a title contender.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Wed, Mar 4 11:37 AM
    By Steve Keating NEW YORK (Reuters) - Soccer may be a hot commodity in the U.S. sport market but poses no threat to the NFL, which will remain King of the Hill for the foreseeable future, Fox Sports president Eric Shanks said on Wednesday. Fox, which broadcasts NFL games, also owns U.S. television rights to the 2018, 2022 and 2026 World Cups, the 2015 Women's World Cup and a portfolio of domestic leagues but it is American football that dominates its ratings. "We are a sport crazy country and there is nothing right now that would indicate that there is any threat to the King of the Hill which is the NFL," Shanks said at the Sport Business Summit in midtown Manhattan.Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Wed, Mar 4 10:58 AM

    Matt Cassel, 32, has thrown for 15,727 yards with 96 touchdowns and 70 interceptions in a 10-year career with stops in New England, Kansas City and MinnesotaNew coach Rex Ryan has the Buffalo Bills in a deal-making mode, the NFL club announcing Wednesday it has an agreement in place to obtain Minnesota Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel. The Bills will ship two undisclosed NFL Draft choices to the Vikings in the deal, which cannot be made official under league rules until next Tuesday. Grabbing Cassel comes a day after ESPN reported the Bills have agreed to the trade with Philadelphia for former NFL rushing champion LeSean McCoy, the league's most productive running back over the past five NFL seasons combined.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Wed, Mar 4 10:25 AM

    Davis Love (pictured), the 2016 US Ryder Cup captain, is named as an assistant to US captain Jay Haas for this year's Presidents Cup at Incheon, South KoreaDavis Love, the 2016 US Ryder Cup captain, was named Wednesday as an assistant to US captain Jay Haas for this year's Presidents Cup at Incheon, South Korea. The American squad has won its past five meetings with the Internationals team of non-European players and owns an 8-1-1 overall edge in the rivalry entering its first staging in Asia on October 8-11. Love was captain of the 2012 US Ryder Cup squad that suffered its greatest last-day collapse ever, allowing Europe to win the trophy at Medinah, but will have a chance at redemption in next year's Ryder Cup at Hazeltine. Love joins Fred Couples as an assistant to Haas.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Wed, Mar 4 10:16 AM

    Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez consults his attorney during his murder trial in Fall RiverBy Daniel Lovering FALL RIVER, Massachusetts (Reuters) - The judge in Aaron Hernandez's murder trial ruled on Wednesday that jurors will not be allowed to hear about a former friend of the ex-NFL star who claimed Hernandez shot him in the face after an argument in Florida in 2013. Associate Justice Susan Garsh denied a renewed request by prosecutors to allow evidence related to the shooting of Alexander Bradley, who filed a civil lawsuit against Hernandez, saying the incident was "quite different." Prosecutors had argued the Florida shooting case refuted the defense team's assertion that Hernandez would never have shot the alleged victim in this case, Odin Lloyd, because the two were friends. On Wednesday, Bristol County Assistant District Attorney William McCauley said defense attorneys had indicated 32 times the nature of the relationship between the two men, and "constantly referred to them as being friends." Defense attorney James Sultan said the motion to allow the jury to hear about the Florida case was "frivolous," and that prosecutors were essentially arguing Hernandez has "a propensity to shoot his friends."  Bradley filed a civil lawsuit in June last year against Hernandez, who he said shot him in the face in Florida in February 2013 after a late-night dispute.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Wed, Mar 4 10:10 AM

    Bill Haas gives his club to his brother and caddie Jay Haas Jr. after hitting from the seventh fairway during the final round of the Northern Trust Open golf tournament at Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles(Reuters) - The assistants for this year's Presidents Cup in South Korea were finalised on Wednesday with Internationals captain Nick Price opting for continuity and his United States counterpart Jay Haas turning to experience. Price, whose Internationals were beaten by 18-1/2 points to 15-1/2 at Muirfield Village in 2013, named fellow Zimbabweans Mark McNulty and Tony Johnstone as his assistants while Haas chose next year's U.S. Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III. McNulty and Johnstone, who both assisted Price at Muirfield Village, will join Korean K.J. Choi to complete the Internationals leadership team.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Wed, Mar 4 08:10 AM

    Lee Westwood of England tees off on the tenth hole during the final round of the Dubai Desert ClassicBy Tony Jimenez LONDON (Reuters) - Ian Poulter, Lee Westwood, Luke Donald and Justin Rose are to take turns in hosting the British Masters, an event that will return to the European Tour calendar this season for the first time in seven years. The leading British quartet will help select the venue each season for the next four years and Poulter has kicked things off by opting to play the three million pounds ($4.58 million) competition at his local course at Woburn from Oct. 8-11. "I am proud and delighted to be bringing the tournament to Woburn which is obviously a place that means a great deal to me," the Englishman said in statement on Wednesday. "We have all been keen to get more tournaments on British soil and in England in particular." It will be the 17th time that Woburn has hosted the tournament and the first since 2002 when Poulter was narrowly beaten to the title by his close friend Rose.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Wed, Mar 4 05:19 AM
    Royal St George's, one of three male-only clubs on the British Open rota, has voted to allow women members for the first time, British media reported on Wednesday. "The Royal St George's Golf Club is pleased to announce that, following an extraordinary general meeting held on 14th February 2015 and a subsequent ballot of the full members of the Club, a resolution to alter the Club's rules to make ladies eligible for membership has been duly passed," the club said in a statement. It added a "decisive 90 percent" voted in favor of women being eligible for membership. Royal St George's, founded in 1887 and located in the south-east England county of Kent, last hosted the British Open in 2011 when it was won by European Ryder Cup captain Darren Clarke.Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Wed, Mar 4 02:06 AM

    LPGA: Canadian Pacific Women's Open-First RoundBy Patrick Johnston SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore's steamy temperatures will be no less a challenge than the star-studded field at the HSBC Women's Champions for teenaged world number one Lydia Ko's bid for her third successive title. "At that time, I had glasses and the moment I opened the door and went out my glasses just fogged up straightaway," Ko told reporters on Wednesday. The Seoul-born Ko will look to make it three consecutive wins when she returns to Singapore for the LPGA tournament, which starts on Thursday and boasts a field that includes 19 of the top-20 women's golfers in the world.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Tue, Mar 3 11:08 PM

    New Zealand's Lydia Ko hits a shot during the final round of the women's Australian Open in Melbourne on February 22, 2015Teenage sensation Lydia Ko said her record rise to world number one still hadn't sunk in and may never do as she heads into this week's HSBC Women's Champions in Singapore. Ko astounded the golf world last month by reaching number one at the age of just 17, the youngest by a male or female player and smashing the record set by Tiger Woods at 21. Ko, who has been in the spotlight since winning her first professional tournament at the age of just 14, a record at the time, said the bar had been set high for some years. Back-to-back wins at the Australian Open and New Zealand Open have lifted expectations still higher, but Ko will be against a strong line-up at Sentosa Golf Club.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Tue, Mar 3 10:43 PM
    By Patrick Johnston SINGAPORE, March 4 (Reuters) - Free of the burden that comes with the world number one ranking, South Korea's Park In-bee is looking forward to a more relaxed year on the LPGA Tour that she hopes will lead to an elusive British Open title. The 26-year-old world number two was displaced by 17-year-old New Zealander Lydia Ko at the top of the rankings in January and Park was hoping to reap the benefits of being away from the pressures pole position brought. "I let Lydia have my number one spot earlier this year so if I can capture that back at some point that would be a very good," Park told reporters on Wednesday. You don't have as much pressure as number one and people expect a little bit less than you than being in number one spot." Park will tee it up on Thursday at the HSBC Women's Champions event in Singapore, her fourth event of the year after shaking off the rust with three opening top 13 finishes.Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Tue, Mar 3 09:02 PM

    Atlanta Hawks' Al Horford during a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Philips Arena on January 25, 2015Rallying from a 15-point deficit in the final 10 minutes, the Atlanta Hawks beat Houston 104-96, retaining the NBA's best record with their fifth victory in a row. Taking advantage of a Rockets' squad playing without suspended scoring leader James Harden, the Hawks had 25 points from Jeff Teague, 18 points from Al Horford and 16 points and 14 rebounds from Paul Millsap. The Rockets outplayed Atlanta for most of the first three quarters, leading by as many as 18 points despite lacking Harden's scoring touch as he served a one-game ban for kicking Cleveland superstar LeBron James in the groin in a Houston victory on Sunday.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Tue, Mar 3 08:17 PM

    Cleveland Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving (L) and LeBron James celebrate during their game against the Golden State Warriors at Quicken Loans Arena on February 26, 2015LeBron James bounced back from a sub-par NBA effort and Kyrie Irving returned after a two-game absence as the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Boston Celtics 110-79. James scored 27 points on 12-of-23 shooting Tuesday while Australian-born guard Irving added 18 to lead seven double-figure Cavalier scorers in Cleveland's 12th home triumph in a row. The Cavaliers improved to 38-24, trailing Chicago by only percentage points in the fight for the Central division lead, while Boston slid to 23-35, one game behind Brooklyn and Charlotte for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Kevin Love and J.R. Smith each scored 12 points for the Cavaliers, who made all 14 of their free throws attempts.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Tue, Mar 3 07:32 PM
    (Reuters) - The San Francisco 49ers confirmed on Tuesday they had signed Australian rugby league star Jarryd Hayne to a three-year-deal. Hayne had earlier told a news conference in Sydney that he had agreed to a futures contract with the 49ers but San Francisco later announced the undrafted free agent had been given a three-year deal. The 27-year-old Hayne has never played American football before but attracted offers from three NFL teams, the 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions, after he announced last year he wanted to try his hand at NFL.Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Tue, Mar 3 04:17 PM
    (Reuters) - The elite WGC-Match Play Championship will be staged in Austin, Texas, from 2016 to 2019 as part of a four-year deal with its new title sponsor, the International Federation of PGA Tours announced on Tuesday. Texas-based PC maker Dell, which has major sports sponsorship experience with Formula 1 and America's Cup, will take over as the event's title sponsor next year when the event will be renamed the WGC-Dell Match Play. "We're confident that Dell will find the World Golf Championships to be an extremely effective and valuable global marketing and business-to-business platform," PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem said in a statement. Austin, the 11th-most populous city in the United States, last hosted a sanctioned PGA Tour event from 2003-2009 on the over-50s Champions Tour.Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Tue, Mar 3 04:12 PM
    The elite WGC-Match Play Championship will be staged in Austin, Texas, from 2016 to 2019 as part of a four-year deal with its new title sponsor, the International Federation of PGA Tours announced on Tuesday. Texas-based PC maker Dell, which has major sports sponsorship experience with Formula 1 and America's Cup, will take over as the event's title sponsor next year when the event will be renamed the WGC-Dell Match Play. "We're confident that Dell will find the World Golf Championships to be an extremely effective and valuable global marketing and business-to-business platform," PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem said in a statement. Austin, the 11th-most populous city in the United States, last hosted a sanctioned PGA Tour event from 2003-2009 on the over-50s Champions Tour.Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Tue, Mar 3 03:22 PM

    Former Seattle Seahawks receiver Rice is helped by New York Giants punter Weatherford to sign over his brain post-mortem for medical research, at a news conference in New YorkBy Larry Fine NEW YORK (Reuters) - It was a long road to a shortened National Football League career for Sidney Rice, an All-Pro receiver who retired last July at age 27 due to fears about his long-term health after numerous concussions. "The first time I actually experienced a head trauma was when I was eight years old," Rice told Reuters after announcing on Tuesday he was donating his brain to medical research after his death.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Tue, Mar 3 03:01 PM

    Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez looks at the prosecutor during his murder trial at the Bristol County Superior Court in Fall RiverBy Daniel Lovering FALL RIVER, Massachusetts (Reuters) - A Massachusetts State Police trooper testified on Tuesday that he found the fingerprints of Aaron Hernandez, two friends and a man they allegedly killed on a car the former New England Patriots football player returned to a rental agency. David Mackin, a fingerprint analyst, said he found the fingerprints on a silver Nissan Altima that prosecutors say Hernandez was driving when he and two friends, Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace, picked up semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd at his Boston home in the early hours of June 17, 2013.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Tue, Mar 3 01:49 PM

    Vlade Divac, a Serbian center who spent 16 seasons in the NBA, is named vice-president of basketball and franchise operations by the Sacramento KingsVlade Divac, a Serbian center who spent 16 seasons in the NBA, was named vice-president of basketball and franchise operations on Tuesday by the Sacramento Kings. The Kings, owned by Indian computer multi-millionaire businessman Vivek Ranadive, will look the 7-footer (2.16m) as an advisor to coaches and player evaluation contributor with duties helping the club's global branding efforts and pipeline to Europe's growing talent pool. Divac, who helped Yugoslavia win world titles in 1990 and 2002, spent eight seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, two with Charlotte and six with the Kings from 1998-2004 before retiring in 2005. The Kings need all the help they can get.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Tue, Mar 3 01:14 PM

    New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford speaks at a news conference in New YorkBy Larry Fine NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford and former National Football League receiver Sidney Rice announced on Tuesday that they will donate their brains to medical research after their death. Rice, who retired from the NFL last July at the age of 27 over worries about the long-term effects of absorbing so many blows to the head, and Weatherford hoped their commitment might mobilize others to aid brain disease research. "It's helpful to get a professional athlete behind something," said Weatherford.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Tue, Mar 3 11:40 AM

    NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Denver Nuggets(Reuters) - The free-falling Denver Nuggets fired head coach Brian Shaw on Tuesday, replacing him for the rest of the season with his assistant coach Melvin Hunt. Denver have lost six consecutive games and 19 of their past 21 for a 20-39 record this season that has them sitting 13th in the 15-team Western Conference and well out of the playoff race. "I want to sincerely thank Brian for his time with our organization," Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly said in a statement. Shaw, 48, was hired as Nuggets head coach in June 2013 to replace George Karl, the reigning NBA Coach of the Year, and compiled an overall record of 56-85 (.397) with the team before being relieved of his duties.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
    Tue, Mar 3 11:04 AM

    The World Golf Championships Match Play tournament will move to Austin, Texas, in 2016 and be played two weeks before next year's Masters, the International Federation of PGA Tours announcesThe World Golf Championships Match Play tournament will move to Austin, Texas, in 2016 and be played two weeks before next year's Masters, the International Federation of PGA Tours announced Tuesday. The WGC Match Play will also have a new sponsor starting next year in Dell, a computer technology company based in the Austin area. Instead of a strict knockout format as in years past, the Match-Play starting this year will feature 16 groups of four players based on seedings from world ranking.

    Sports News Headlines - Yahoo! News
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